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        Company Profile

        Chongqing Yunda Technology Co., Ltd.(“YUNDA” hereafter) was founded in 1993, specializing in the R&D, manufacturing and sales of field welding equipments, offering welding equipments & service to field welding construction without power source. Main customers include CREC,CNPC,SINOPEC,etc.
        YUNDAenjoys 17 nationaltechnical results and 30 patents, among them,“MF arc welding generating technology”, “MF inverter generating & welding technology” reached world's advanced level, grasped world’s most advanced processes including metal cores & surface tension transfer, flux-cored arc welding, low hydrogen down welding, etc.
        YUNDAowns a perfect product system, from heavy crawler welding workstation to portable civil welder/generator; from multi-welding process to single one; from advanced semi-automatic down welding to simple stick welding, can meet all customers’ requirements in product type, specifications, and functions.