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        • products name: 200A Series Industrial Welder Generators(H230)
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        Suit for high quality welding requirement field construction: petroleum gasline, steel rail, steel structure installment, municipal construction. Also reserve as generator.Suits for welding φ1.6~φ5.0 various kinds of electrodes, meets site welding demand. 


        1.Welding performance: adopt medium frequency permanent magnet single-chip control technology, strong power, small size and light weight.

        2.The complete unit adopts mature &optimized frame structure, easy for operation and maintenance.

        3.Auxiliary power output: AC 6Kw, can generate power and weld synchronously or independently.

        4.Welding power with Stick/Cellulose down welding/lift Arc TIG functions.

        5.Digital technology optimizes the control circuit, more simple & reliable; Modularization design&assemble of control circuit and power circuit makes assembly easy,maintenance convenient,the bulk structure more compact.


        Model  H230 H230X H230T
        Welding output 
        Welding Processes  Stick Stick (including cellulose down welding) Stick/TIG
        Open Circuit Voltage (V)  70
        Current Range (A)  20-200 
        Welding Current (A)  200           155 200                 155
        Welding Voltage(V)    28             26.2 28/18         26.2/16.2
        Duty Cycle (%)   60            100 60                    100 
        Generator output 
        Rated Voltage  240V
        Rated Current  22.9A
        Rated Power  5.5Kw
        Max Power  6Kw
        Phase   Single
        Frequency   50Hz (60Hz  optional)
        Power    13HP HONDA GX390
        Displacement (CC)  390
        Valve Type  Overhead Gas Valve 
        Ignition Method  CDI
        Fuel Capacity   25L
        Fuel Consumption  374(g/Kw.h) 
        Oil Warning System  Yes  
        Start Method  Recoil Start 
        Cooling Method  Forced  Air Cooled
        Complete appliance 
        Weight/Dimension   98Kg/835x560x590(mm)
        Protection/Insulation Class  IP23/F