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        • products name: 200A Civilian Welding Generators(WG6500M,WG6500M/C)
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        • 上架时间: 2015-05-15
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        1.Municipal construction, pipe network emergent maintenance.

        2.Power supply and welding construction at dense water network region, mountainous area and terrain complex area.

        3.Highway barrier, fencing installment, road billboard welding.

        4.Suit for welding with stainless steel, carbon steel and so on with dia.1.6~5.0mm acid/basic common electrode, meets site usual welding demand.

        5.AC output may reach 6Kw most greatly, may supply power for angle grinding machine, grinder and water pump and so on small power tool.



        1.2 in 1 design: High efficiency portable Generator & Welder.Welding and power generating can work dividually or simultaneously

        2.Digital control technology; superior welding performance

        3.Medium frequency permanent magnet generator,high effective and low fuel consumption.Output power: AC 6KW(Max.)

        4.Adopts lift TIG without high frequency interference,current realizes rising & falling gradually.

        5.Chinese & International engine(gasoline or diesel) for option


        Model  WG6500M WG6500MT WG6500M/C WG6500MT/C
        Welder  Welding Process MMA MMA/TIG MMA MMA/TIG
        No-load Voltage (V) 60 60
        Current Range   40-200 (A)  40-200 (A) 
        Welding Current (A) 200    150 200    150 200  150 200    150
        Welding Voltage (V) 28    26 28/18  26/16 28  26 28/18   26/16
        Duty Cycle(%)  60%    100%  60%     100%  60%  100%  60%    100%
        Generator  Rated Voltage  230V 230V
        Rated Current  22.9A 22.9A
        Rated Power  5.5Kw 5.5Kw
        Max.Power  6Kw 6Kw
        Phase  Single phase Single phase
        Engine  Power  13HP 8.3Kw
        Displacement  389CC 456CC
        Fuel Capacity  25 5.5
        Fuel Gasoline Diesel
        Fuel Consumption   395  (g/Kw.h)  320  (g/Kw.h)
        Start Method  Recoil Start  Recoil/Electric Start
        Cooling Method  Air Cooled  Air Cooled 
        Complete Unit  Net Weight/Dimension  98Kg/835×560×590   mm  125Kg/890×610×615
        Protection/Insulation Class  IP23/F IP23/F