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        • products name: 120A Civilian Welding Generator (WG3500M)
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        • 上架时间: 2015-05-15
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        1 Owns electric welding, power generates functions, can exchange these two functions through a switch. Welding output current get up to 120A(max.), output powerget up to 3.2Kw(max)

        2.Adopts digital power generation technology, generation efficiency gets up to 90%, saves the fuel oil. AC output current wave belongs to standard sine wave.     

        3.Adopts digitized inverter control technology, easy to lift arc, stable electric arc, good appearance of weld, and reliable welding performance.     

        4. Suits for φ1.6~φ3.2 acid/basic electrode, meets site welding demand.      

        5.May weld carbon steel, low-alloy steel.    

        6.Small size, light weight, convenient to move.    

        7. Intelligent design, easy to operate.     

        8.Cost-effective , durable, high reliability.



        1.Generator & Welder;Max.welding current 120A can weld 1.63.2mm electrode;Generator output:AC 3KW

        2.Adopt digital inverter control technology;excellent welding performance

        3.Medieum frequency permanent magnet generator,90% generating efficiency

        4.Small size, light weight

        5.Intelligentized design;easy for operation


        Model WG3500M
        Welding Output Welding Processes MMA
        Open Circuit Voltage(V) 66
        Current Range(A) 20~120
        Welding Current(A) 90 120
        Welding Voltage(V) 23.6 24.8
        Duty Cycle 80% 35%
        GeneratorOutput Rated Voltage 230V
        Rated Current 12.2A
        Rated Power 2.8KW
        Max.Power 3.0KW
        Phase Single Phase
        Frequency 50Hz(60Hz Optional)
        Engine Power 6.5HP
        Displacement 196CC
        Fuel Capacity 3.6L
        Fuel Consumption(g/Kw.h) 395
        Start Method Manual Recoil Start
        Cooling Method Air Cooled
        Complete Appliance Net Weight/Dimension(mm) 43Kg/610×470×420
        Protection/Insulation Class IP23/B