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        • products name: 400A/500A/630A MMA/TIG/Cellulose Down Welding Inverter Welder(ZX7-ST-SY)
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        • 上架时间: 2015-05-15
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        1, Suitable DC manual welding with all kinds of brand of electrodes.

        2, Suitable for various metal welding such as carbon steel, cast iron, aluminum, copper, stainless steel, etc..

        3, Owns cellulose down welding function, meets pipeline welding process requirements.


        1.Welding Processes:MMA/Cellulose Down

        1)Negative feedback control technology; constant current; strong capability againsting power grid & voltage fluctuation

        2)Digital current preset technology,convenient usage

        3)Inverter control technology,more stable arc,less splash,good welding line

        4)It can switch between soft arc & hard arc;It still own satisfying welding current & arc characteristics even if 100m welding cable

        5)Suitable for welding carbon steelcast ironaluminum alloy,etc.

        2.High protection dispose,meet the outdoor construction requirement


        Model ZX7-400ST-SY ZX7-500ST-SY ZX7-630ST-SY
        Input Power AC 3×380V/50Hz
        Rated Input Power(KVA) 17 24 32
        Rated Output Current(A) 400 500 630
        Rated Output Voltage(V) 36 40 44
        Current Range(A) 10-400 15-500 20-630
        Open Circuit Voltage(V) 70 75 75
        Arc Striking Scrach
        Automatic gas control exist
        Duty Cycle 60%
        Efficiency ≥89%
        Insulation Class B
        Protection Class IP21
        Weight(KG) 40 54 57
        Dimension(mm) 641×322×465 703×365×525 703×365×525