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        • products name: 500A Multi-Processes Inverter Welder(YH500)
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        • 上架时间: 2015-05-15
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        Pipelines, Construction, Maintenance


        1.Multiprocesses:TIG/FCAW/Low Hydrogen/Cellulose Down

        2.Each process adopts independent unit to control accurately

        3.Matched wire feeder with digital display can show preset&real current/voltage value;Wire feeder can regulate welding current during low hydrogen welding or cellulose down welding

        4.Apply to outdoor pipeline welding and various pressure vessel welding;It can match various wire feeders


        Model YH500
        Input Power AC 3×380V/50Hz
        Rated Input Power(KVA) 24
        Rated Output Current(A) 500
        Rated Output Voltage(V) 40
        Current Range(A) 50-500
        Voltage Range(V) 15-50
        Wire Diameter(mm) ¢1.6-2.0
        Open Circuit Voltage(V) 70
        Duty Cycle 60%
        Efficiency ≥89%
        Insulation Class B
        Protection Class IP21
        Weight(KG) 50 without wire feeder
        Dimension(mm) 676×346×436