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        • products name: Railway Sleeper Mechanical Bolt Wrench (NJB-600-1/A, NJB-600-1/A2)
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        1.Strong horsepower but small torque ripple: Honda GX series engine adopted;full gear transmission;no strong shock and more durable. With adjustable torsion controller,the screwing torsion can be preseted. Only if the torsion reaches the preset max. value, the wrench will be seperated from the rail and alarming automatically.

        2.Strong reverse torsion: the maximum reverse torque can reach up to 600N.m, which is sufficient to loose various corroded nuts.

        3.Nuts-blocked problem solved: sliding sleeve adopted to push out the nut blocked automatically with spline shaft.

        4.Low labour intensity: overhead placed torque limiter and the low barycenter of the complete appliance falling to the rail level;the wrench can work at both sides of rail independently, without repeatedly moving the wrench;with anti torsion self-locking and supported on three points at double rails , the labor intensity can be reduced effectively.

        5.Safety lock: if the wrenched nuts block the sleeve and affect the traffic, the safety lock can be pulled down with one hand and the complete appliance can be moved off the rail.

        6.Automatic alignment: less than 15mm's anchoring error, and universal sleeve can be aligned automatically; simultaneous operation can be realized with double-sleeves.

        7.Aluminum alloy sealed oil lubrication adopted; small mechanical abrasion, longer service life;the torque stationary phase of the torsion limiter is greatly extended.


        Model NJB-600-1/A NJB-600-1/A2 (For Plateau Operation)
        Engine Model Honda GX160LDH Honda GX270LH Honda GX390LH
        Horsepower 5.5HP  9 HP 13HP
        Rev 3600    r/min 3600    r/min 3600    r/min
        Wrench Sleeve No. 2pcs 2pcs 2pcs
        Rev ≥110 r/min ≥110 r/min ≥110 r/min
        Sleeve Center Distance 214mm 214mm 214mm
        Sleeve Lift Stroke ≥65 mm ≥65 mm ≥65 mm
        Tightening Torque 80—300  N.m  80—300  N.m  80—300  N.m 
        Unscrewing Torque ≥600    N.m ≥600    N.m ≥600    N.m
        Efficiency  ≤3  Sec/Pcs   ≤3  Sec/Pcs   ≤3  Sec/Pcs  
        Lighting  Yes Yes Yes
        Reversing Mechanical Reversing Mechanical Reversing Mechanical Reversing
        Complete Unit Weight 80kg 90kg 96kg
        Dimension  980×470×700 1045×505×850 1080×525×880