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        • products name: Railway Sleeper Hydraulic Bolt Wrench(YLB-700, YLB-700-Ⅰ)
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        • 上架时间: 2015-05-18
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        1.Patented technology of wrench speed self-adjustment, tightening bolt in high-speed when torque is lower; and when torque is heightened, automatically switching to low speed high torque; effective and stable torque output.

        2.Torque adjustment is easy and intuitive,night lighting available, and around-the-clock operation.

        3.Torque output error < ± 3%, exceeding national railway standard(< ± 5% error); good performance for line operation.

        4.Dual-head type wrench adopted; high efficiency; easy to operate and regulate; light weight.

        5.Automatic alignment: less than 15mm's anchoring error, and universal sleeve can be aligned automatically; simultaneous operation can be realized with double-sleeves.

        6.These wrenches are applied to rail construction and maintenance work of all kinds sleeper bolts, nuts, (including the rectangular head bolts).


        Model YLB-700 YLB-700-Ⅰ
        Engine Model B&S              1223360116B8WW7001   Mitsubishi  GT600PC-RTX(TOK)
        Horsepower 6.5HP 6.5 HP
        Rev 3600    r/min 3600    r/min
        Wrench Sleeve No. 2pcs 2pcs
        Rev ≥120 r/min ≥120 r/min
        Sleeve Center Distance 214mm 214mm
        Sleeve Lift Stroke  ≥80 mm ≥80 mm
        Tightening Torque 80—350  N.m  80—350  N.m 
        Unscrewing Torque ≥700    N.m ≥700    N.m
        Efficiency  ≤4  Sec/Pcs   ≤3  Sec/Pcs  
        Lighting  Yes Yes
        Reversing Electric reversing Electric reversing
        Complete Unit Weight 94kg 94kg
        Dimension  1260×540×910 1260×540×910