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        • products name: Railway Sleeper Generator
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        • 上架时间: 2015-05-18
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        Product Features

        1.Strong torque with wide adjusting range.

        2.Electric reverse, easy to operate.

        3.Night lighting, all weather service.

        4.Light weight, smart operation.

        5.Can supply lighting and other electric tools by generator.


        Model DLB-800-I
        Gasoline engine Model  168F (Famous Chinese Engine)
        Power 6.5HP
        Rev 3600r/min
        Wrench  Input power 680W
        Freq. 50Hz
        Voltage 220V
        Torque range 100-800Nm
        Impact rate 1600/min
        Reverse Electric reverse
        Application M24-M30
        Illumination Yes
        Generator  Rated power 3000W
        Rated power 50Hz
        Rated voltage 230V
        Complete unit Weight 45kg
        Outline size 1480×620×680