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        • products name: 500A Welding Workstation(H500)
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        • 上架时间: 2015-05-14
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        Pipelines, Construction, Maintenance


        1.Can offer both single position welding machine with MMA/TIG/FCAW function and dual positions welding machine whith MMA plus FCAW function, convenient for customer's choice.

        2.FCAW meets "filling & covering"welding process,fast,effective,and timesaving,can match Lincoln/Miller/Yunda wire feeder.

        3.Adopts advanced inverter soft switch technology, PWM control technology, and negative feedback control technology,enjoys excellent dynamic quality and welding performance within full voltage/current regulation range.

        4.Owns current/voltage parameter preset function,the matched YH120 wire feeder can show the preset/real current, also adjust welding current,easy to operate.


        Model  H500 Single Welding (Kubota or Perkins Engine)
        Welding output            
        Welding Processes Stick  TIG FCAW
        Open Circuit Voltage (V) 76 76 76
        Current Range (A) 30-500 30-500 30-500
        Welding Current (A) 400 500 400 500 400 500
        Welding Voltage (V) 36 40 26 30 34 39
        Duty Cycle  100% 60% 100% 60% 100% 60%
        External Characteristic Curve Drop Characteristic Drop Characteristic Flat Characteristic
        Generator output            
        Power  20Kw(MAX 22Kw)
        Excitation Type AVR Brushless Excitation
        Frequency  50Hz
        Phase Three Phase            Single Phase
        Output Voltage/Power AC 400V/20Kw   AC 230V/6.9Kw
        Model   Kubota V3300  Perkins 404D-22T
        Fuel Diesel Diesel
        Rated Power  26.3Kw(MAX 28.9Kw ) 27.2Kw(MAX 32Kw )
        Rated Speed 1500 RPM 1560 RPM
        Low Temperature  Pre-heated Start Pre-heated Start
        Warning Type Water Temperature /Oil Pressure/Battery charge
        Fuel  Capacity 60L 60L
        Cooling Method Water-cooled Water-cooled
        Fuel Consumption 6.2L/hr 6.5L/hr
        Whole set
        Weight  700kg 700kg
        Dimension(mm) 1550×800×1074 1550×800×1074
        Protection Class IP23 IP23